How does a Pasco SOUP event work?

  • Audience members pay a $5 entry contribution at the door of Pasco SOUP.
  • The dinners are usually a light, consisting of soup and bread. Local sponsors may contribute food and refreshments.
  • Three to four pre-selected proposals working on projects that benefit Pasco (anything from filling a pothole to starting a business) make a 4-minute presentation.
  • After each presentation, we’ll schedule time for Q&A with the audience.
  • Over a soup dinner, attendees cast their vote for the project they want to help fund.
  • The project with the most votes goes home with all of the money raised from the evening.
  • Winners come back to a future Pasco SOUP event to tell the audience how their project went, how they used the money and what impact the project had on the community.

To keep art and creativity active in the dinners, local artists are invited to share their work while people enjoy their dinner.

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